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Comic-Con in the Rearview: 4 Days, 4 Thoughts

July 25th, 2010 | Posted by arno in Comic-Con

Without question, the most benevolent moment of Comic-Con 2010 was Ryan Reynolds‘s reciting of the Green Lantern‘s oath for a boy who asked him what is was like to say, “In brightest day, in blackest night…” Reynolds fixed his gaze, got into bedtime-story voice, and communicated said oath directly to the child. Cut back to the amazed fan, who then held up his power ring to Reynolds, who did the same and return, and the biggest lump since Toy Story 3 formed in my throat. I thought about how cool it must be to be a younger person who gets this kind of access to one of their superheroes. (A parallel: Imagine it’s early 1978 and you have the chance to ask Christopher Reeve what it was like to be Superman.) At this point, Ryan Reynolds literally is still becoming the Green Lantern since the film has 4+ weeks of shooting left in New Orleans. For me, as this moment transpired, Reynolds become something more than a lovable performer, and I cannot wait to travel to Oa with him.


I am thinking about Jon Favreau, who helped restoke Hall H after the widely reported altercation between two men that temporarily halted the day’s movie panels. (We apologize for misreporting on the story and have learned from the experience.) Favreau, who is at the tail end of witnessing Iron Man 2‘s worldwide dominance, unveiled footage of Cowboys & Aliens, which I understand was arguably the best-received trailer at this year’s Con. A new friend from the awesome website io9 remarked that was a genuine surprise, and that it balanced story, emotion, and aesthetics. In 2007, he was still a relatively green director, and certainly not experienced with guiding a comics superhero to the big screen. A mere 3 years later and he’s Jon Favreau: superheroic moviemaker.


On villains and sidekicks: will we wind up rooting for Hugo Weaving as Red Skull over Chris Evans as Captain America? Might Kato be used to coax nonplussed Green Hornet fans back in caring about the movie?


The cast announcements for The Avengers didn’t surprise, but I sense its release will be a defining moment for comic-book movies. The last time a group of superheroes came together, Halle Berry had enough power to expand her role in franchise that crashed to the ground under the direction of Brett Ratner. With Marvel at full strength and pushing into 2012 and beyond, their power might even defeat the Joss Whedon curse.


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