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A Tearful Tribute to Fringe

July 15th, 2012 | Posted by Michelle Nelson in Comic-Con

As I watched the trailer for the final season of “Fringe“, I started tearing up.  To say that I am a fan is a huge understatement, yet I still had to laugh at myself, and figured this was just more proof that I am a genuine nerd.  I soon learned that I am not the only one who was moved by this incredible show.  Shortly after the cast took the stage, hundreds of fans in the audience held up sheets of paper with a white tulip drawing.  And when describing their favorite scenes on the show that they themselves weren’t in, Jasika Nicole, Anna Torv, and even Lance Reddick were moved to tears.

Maybe this show hasn’t won awards (though John Noble and Anna Torv were robbed, robbed I say!) but “Fringe” is a show with a dedicated fan base, and a cast and crew who are grateful that they are still here as a result of that fan dedication.

After the panel, I suddenly felt very lucky to be able to go and speak with the cast and J.H. Wyman, the show’s executive producer and showrunner.  So I asked my fellow “Fringe” fans on Twitter what they might want to learn about the upcoming season.  I didn’t get answers to all of their questions, but here are a few:

@FraggleBerlin asks “What did they feel when the fans held up the sheets with white tulips?”

J.H. Wyman: “That meant a great deal to me personally because that image came to me in a dream. I was trying very hard to get what was in my head on to the page, and I think I did. It meant hope, and that it’s okay. It was this concept of I don’t know what the hell is wrong with the world but there is some method of peace that I can find, and belief in something good. I was really adamant about getting that out.  So I was very moved because what started as something in my imagination has touched people. It was beautiful.”

@fringefridaynet asks “Is Georgina Haig coming back?”

Georgina Haig appeared in the scenes for next season so I think its safe to say yes, she should appear in some episodes.

@xasilaydying asked “Does Anna Torv still have a job? Olivia was a bit missing in Letters in Transit.”

Yes, Olivia will definitely be in the final season.

@orpheus_E  asked “Will we see the alternative universe again?”

From the panel and press rooms, it seemed pretty clear they have said goodbye both to the alternate universe and their alters.  But as Lance Reddick said, “This is Fringe. Who knows what could happen?”

 @cau7bishop and @millertime1976 asked “Can we expect any surprising guest stars during the last season?”  and “Will Henry Ian Cusick be back?”

J.H. Wyman was asked and chose not to answer if Henry Ian Cusick or any other guest stars would be in for the next season.  He said he wanted to keep it a surprise because each episode is like “presents on Christmas morning.” In the press room, John Noble mentioned he heard a rumor that Robin Williams wanted to guest star on the show. I think he would be a great Observer.

@ShaNay_Nay asked “Which does John Noble prefer playing, Walter or Walternate?”

Moderator Damian Holbrook asked which version of their character each cast member liked to play. John Noble mentioned he enjoyed playing the Walter when we first met him, straight out of the insane asylum.

@kevrah94 asked “Any exact date for the start of the new season?”

The show is scheduled to return on Friday, September 28th.  J.H. Wyman confirmed there will be 13 new episodes.

@Zorknot asked “Is Anna Torv going to do any new characters this season?”

They didn’t hint at any new characters but here’s what Anna Torv had to say about Olivia this season:

“I haven’t had Olivia to myself for awhile.  I haven’t been able to have her and I, 100 percent, with all my heart focused on her for a couple of years.  I think instead of bemoaning, well, I set this up or set that up, I am just going to make her who I want her to be.  Because she isn’t there yet. So that’s my personal challenge for this season, no matter what I am given: I am just going to make her who I want her to be.”

 @Keinesvonuns asked “Is there any chance the future Fringe division will turn into a spin-off series?”

There was no talk of a spin-off but John Noble is trying to spread the rumor of a “Fringe” film so it can become a reality.   Fans, let’s get to work!


Thank you to everyone who contributed questions and to all my fellow fans who have helped keep the show going for this fifth and final season. Perhaps we can start a support group after the series finale?

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